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“✅Do not let a healthcare practitioner, friend or the internet convince you that your back pain means you have a ‘bad’ back. Our spines are incredibly resilient and back pain is often associated with factors outside of the spine itself (beliefs, emotions, stress, etc). Unfortunately, many people still believe that having pain means they are injured and are bound to have problems for life. Changing this belief is instrumental.⁠


🧠This belief is unfortunately perpetuated by many medical, rehabilitation and fitness providers who have yet to study the intricacies of pain science and function from the standpoint that physical pain is completely a result of something being wrong or injured within the tissues of the physical body.⁠


đŸƒđŸŒâ€â™‚ïžIn most cases, the remedy for low back pain is to simply trust that your back can become less irritable, which will decrease stress, fear and anxiety. Then, find movement/exercise that you enjoy and participate in it regularly. There is a ton of research to support exercise for back pain and no one magic bullet that works for everyone. Start experimenting and find what works for you.⁠

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