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"the muscle cramp"

Hi everyone !

Today we meet to talk about a super pleasant pain, I named: "the muscle cramp"

Also called "Exercise-Associated Muscle Cramps (EAMC)" among our Anglo-Saxon friends, it is characterized by a painful contraction of a muscle during or after physical exercise!

And yes, we all remember that superb cramp that occurred at night after more intense physical exercise than usual and especially during the summer!

If scientists have long leaned for an ionic origin with dehydration and a decrease in Potassium (K +) and Sodium (Na +) ions, the most recent studies now lean towards a neuromuscular model involving a mismatch between exercise and the capacities of the body. muscle in an instant T!

So if dehydration and the drop in electrolytes are still lacking scientific evidence, it is interesting to note that they should not be left aside, especially in a specific context: the practice of sport in summer periods. where temperatures are higher! Indeed, it could be that dehydration leads to hyperexcitability of motor neurons at the peripheral level!

On the other hand, while the mechanisms are still being studied, it seems that proper training is the key to preventing cramps! In fact, muscle building could be protective!


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