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Why do degenerative changes hurt some people and not others?

Degenerative changes are a lot like gray hair or indoor rides. They are an integral part of the aging process, and should be called age-related tissue changes. They are usually found in imaging of the spine, and often in both pain-free individuals and those with high back pain.

So how do you explain that these changes cause pain in some people and not in others?

Louis Gifford gives an explanation in his book Pain and Pain:

Feeling low, the lack of a coping strategy, stress: just as many underlying mental states that will initiate a hypersensitivity of central connections, hence the emergence of a nociceptive activity normally passed under. silence.

In addition, psychological factors can trigger significant pain states or make them more likely. These psychological factors may amplify the pain beyond the usual level with an injury or injury.

The presence of an obvious physical incident explaining these processes is not necessarily important considering that we are anyway the seat of many physical anomalies and imperfections that accumulate with age.

These abnormalities are transmitted silently to the central nervous system.

I think this is one of the major reasons why degenerative changes can be presented for years without any symptomatic manifestation.

Many factors modulate pain.

Do we need to change the structure to end the pain? The answer is no.

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